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Online archive of radio sermons on 107.9 organized by date

(Misc Classes: 8am Teaching, Discipleship Classes, Men's Breakfast, Women's Breakfast, Parenting Seminars, Marriage Seminars,   12 Steps, etc.)

Sermons from 2018 including Worship, God & Our Greatest Fears

Sermons from 2017 including: Core Values of JBC, Know the Enemy, The Good Life, Learning to Love, and ICR Eclipse Event Audio

Sermons from 2016 including: How to Pray,  I&2 Thes, Defending Your Faith,  The Gospel of John

Sermons from 2015 including: The Gospel of John

Sermons from 2014 including:  The Gospel of John,  Healthy, Happy Souls,  Set Free,  How to Never Have Low Seelf

Sermons from 2014 including:  I Desire,  The Invisible War,  The Blessings of God,  Loving the Church

Sermons from 2012 including:One Month to Live,  Fear of the Lord,  Just Walk Across the Room

Sermons from 2011including: The Judgment Seat, Energy, One Month to Live

Sermons from 2010 including: Character Traits, Loving God, The End is Coming

Sermons from 2009 including: Character Traits, Spiritual Lessons from My Motorcycle Adventure, Half-Dozen Get-Alongers, and more

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Sermons from 2008

2008 Sermons

Sermons from 2007

2007 Sermons

Sermons from 2006

2006 Sermons

Sermons from 2005

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Sermons from 2004

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