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Impact Seminar Resources

 2018 Seminar



Resources from the 2018 Jefferson Baptist Church Pastor's Seminar are made available for free for download and use for the purpose of private study and public teaching.

If you need anything else please feel free to contact us at or by phone 541-327-2939


  2018 Seminar Syllabus    PDF (handout with blanks) 

  2018 Seminar Presentation    PPT   PDF  

  Pastor Mike's 'Depend on Prayer' Session PDF

  Pastor's Seminar Quotes .DOC

Impact Seminar Audio Files

Seminar Note Files

15 Strategies to Increase Prayer in the Local Church  PPT   PDF

Basic Keys to Effective Goal Setting  PPT   PDF

Blessings of Prayer in the Local Church  PPT   PDF

Blessings to a Pastor Who Prays  PPT   PDF

Depend on Prayer (Mike Dedera)    PPT   PDF

Five Guaranteed Prayers  PPT   PDF

Happy Hunters  PPT   PDF

How Does a Leader Produce Unity and Love  PPT   PDF

Leadership Principles 1-6  PPT   PDF

Models  PPT   PDF

Pray for One Another  PPT   PDF

Prayer and Evangelism  PPT   PDF

Prayer Etiquette  PPT   PDF

Prayer Events  PPT   PDF

Praying for the People in Your Church  PPT   PDF

Praying for Your Pastor  PPT   PDF

Private Prayer  PPT   PDF

Spiritual Warfare  PPT   PDF

Time Management  PPT   PDF

Leadership Class 25 - NO AUDIO AVAILABLE

Leadership Class 27 - NO AUDIO AVAILABLE

Leadership Class 30 - NO AUDIO AVAILABLE

Leadership Class 30 - NO AUDIO AVAILABLE