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Emen/Group Accountability

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 What is eAccountable? 

The eAccountable program was developed as a means of having small groups hold one another accountable to basic Christian disciplines.  The program is web based, with no client software required.  Each group member logs in, answers a set of yes / no questions that his groups has agreed to hold each other accountable for (typical questions are Did you read your Bible at least 5 times this week? & Did you pray with your spouse 3 times this week?)  Each group can have questions tailored to their needs, mens group, womens group, married, single, etc.  Each question has a comment area of up to 150 characters & each report has a comment area at the bottom that has an unlimited size.  After the report is completed, they click on submit and the form is emailed to everyone in their group.  We ask group members to email replies of encouragement & support.  Each member can display a chart that shows them how others in their group are doing.  Yes / No questions are tracked, we only keep statistics for you on how faithfully group members submit reports.  For example if you submit reports for 8 out of 10 possible weeks, you would have 80%.  If group members are gone, you can submit reports for previous weeks by changing the submital date.

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