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Resources - Counseling

Licensed or Pastoral Counseling

Provided for small fees by registered graduates of Corban University’s Mental Health Dept, supervised by Lori Schelske, Licensed Therapist.

 Fees for Service: Fee for service is based on ability to pay and will be discussed with your counselor. Different payment options and pricing scales available

Counseling Coordinator: Lori Schelske, M.A., LMFT -- Lori is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Clinical Supervisor.  She is also on the faculty at Corban University Counseling Department as an Assistant Professor of Counseling/Director of the Corban University Mental Health Clinic (part of the Salem Free Clinics).  Lori supervises Counseling graduates from Corban University as they work to gain hours for licensure, enabling JBC to provide services and meet more needs at lower fees.   Please pray that God would use the counseling ministry at JBC to help people who are hurting and to further His Kingdom.  Pray also for wisdom and sensitivity for the counselors.

Jessica Augsburger:  I am a graduate from Corban with a Masters of Arts in Counseling degree and I love the career path the Lord has brought me to. In the program I had the privilege to intern at the Salem Free Clinic as well as at Corban University's campus. I saw a wide variety of clients who have prepared me in this work.I have worked with people of all ages but mostly see children. I look forward to the years to come.

Lin Brownell:  This fall begins my third year of counseling (as a registered intern) at JBC. I also offer services in Stayton and Silverton. I'm grateful to be able to partner with churches in small towns (which typically have limited services available) to provide affordable counseling to people.

Sharon Bagley: I am a 2017 graduate of Corban’s Master of Counseling program.  I have been counseling out of the Jefferson Counseling office since January of 2018.  It is a blessing to partner with JBC in providing a resource and opportunity for folks to sort out overwhelming aspects of their lives and relationships.  God’s goodness has been in evidence in the counseling room and your prayerful support is a major factor in His work in the lives of those who courageously seek counseling. 


Pastoral Counseling at JBC (Free counseling provided as a ministry to the body of JBC for non-trauma or crisis intervention needs)

Cliff Duke: Cliff is a minister at Jefferson Baptist Church and has been working in the Pastoral and Christian Education ministry for over 30 years and counsels primarily with couples on marriage issues and meets with men in a mentoring/accountability setting.

Confidentiality: All counseling is confidential. Information is released to others only upon the written consent of the counselee, unless required by law.*

*Legally, child abuse or life endangerment must be reported.